November challenge

November challenge

Happy November everybody!

For me, November comes to my mind as a turning-blue-and-grey month. It's when it rains more, the leaves have already fallen down, and with all the rain and fog, the colours are gone. However, at the same time, November is a month of gratitude. Even though Thanksgiving is our North American brothers' holiday, I like it as a reminder to be thankful. It's best if we are grateful every day. For that, we can use a gratitude journal or just write down something we are thankful for. If you don't like to write, just thank God for what He does for you every day before you go to sleep. Thankfulness is one of my favourite topics to talk about. It's something we have to be constantly reminded of, especially if we feel under the weather and being thankful is the last thing we would think about.

November might be also a month when many of us are going back into lockdown. Our freedom of movement is limited and since there are not so many hours of light in the day, finding the motivation to do something or be grateful may be difficult. That's also why I created this November challenge. I was inspired by some teacher friends who created a November challenge for their pupils as a way to motivate them while studying from home and not being able to see their friends often. As I am that kind of person that likes challenges and likes ticking off boxes, I got was excited about this idea and thought that I would also like to have something similar for me. So here is a challenge that I created for me and for you. Feel free to personalize it for yourself or for your youth group. Share it, use it, have fun with it!

I hope your November is not as grey as mine (you might have more luck if you live in the Southern hemisphere) and that you don't forget to be grateful every day!

Jiřina (Unity Youth Desk Coordinator)


PS: You can download the picture and pdf version from HERE.