Read what the delegates said about the Heritage Tour

Read what the delegates said about the Heritage Tour


Office of the Unity Youth Desk Coordinator

Published 17th of November 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters!
As we are nearing the end of the year again, we are reflecting on what has happened in 2022. Much of the time, energy and resources that have been dedicated to planning the Unity Youth Heritage Tour 2022 in Tanzania. We are thankful this Tour could happen in the end, even though the situation had been against it for a long time.

This pilgrimage the 25 delegates from 16 different Provinces went on took them on a long journey from the east of Tanzania to the west. The participants visited many different congregations, historical places and mission stations. They learned a lot about the Tanzanian Provinces, but by having a fellowship with other delegates on the Tour, they could discover more about other Unity Provinces and their members. This is one of the significant benefits of this Tour.

We want to thank everyone who donated to the Unity Heritage Tour through our GoFundMe campaign, which helped to leverage the costs. We also thank you for all your prayers. Those are so important for us.

Below, you can read about the experience of the Unity Youth Committee members and the delegates. You are also welcome to join us in the Zoom call in December, where some of the delegates will tell their experience, and you will also be able to ask any questions about the Heritage Tour.
Mwana Kondoo Ameshinda, Tumfuate!
We came from across the Unity, under a unified purpose and I can truly say, it was a pilgrimage experience to write about for years to come. The Unity Youth Heritage Tour, August 2022 hosted by the Tanzanian Province was a breathtaking, soul-reviving and educational adventure. I was truly inspired by the warmth of the people, the work of the Moravian church among the people to better lives, and the will of the movement to make Jesus Christ known as they are knowing Him. May God bless the mission and work of the Tanzanian Province as our tour allowed me to take many pages from their book to influence and encourage the work in my own Province. 
Asante sana!
- Sacha Lambert, UYC, Jamaica
It seems strange sitting here writing this reflection, remembering that we started planning this event back in early 2019. It seemed to be so far off at that point, and yet now it’s over. Taking a group of people to another part of the world is never an easy task and, this being my first, was an eye-opening experience to how heritage tours have been in the past and what future tours could be like. A massive thanks goes to all the leaders for their energies and talents, as well as the hours of sleep lost re-organising plans, timetables and bedrooms. Thanks also goes to the wonderful people of Tanzania who came out to meet us and share food and fellowship with us. We were made to feel welcome wherever we went, and it was great seeing new connections being made on a global scale. Also worth mentioning are the delegates we had on the tour this year; they stuck together, bonded and took up the challenge when plans altered suddenly or when days were long. Without this level of openness and spirit, I don’t know quite how the tour would have ended up.
- Phill Battelle, UYC, British Province
It is very wonderful having the time to write a short note about Crossing Border Unity Youth Heritage Tour - Tanzania, this goes back to early 2019 when we started planning this event. In the beginning, it seemed to be so far, in the mid of preparation it seemed to be tough organizing it and yet now it’s done. We thank GOD that HE gave us strength and courage to go on, and it shows that it's not our own will but GOD’s plan that tour to happen. However, organizing a group of people from different part of the world and taking them to another part of the world is not an easy task and, since it has been few tours I had participated in and experienced, this one in my home country, open a new experience and give the new insight to me, that each heritage tours is unique. A few things inspired me a lot: Despite of hard environment, delegates felt welcomed wherever they go, and it was great seeing new connections being made on a global gauge. Also, the delegates stuck together, bonded, and took up the challenge when plans altered suddenly or when days were long. Missionary work being done at Kipili - Rukwa Province, the way Missionaries connected to indigenous and interact with them, made us feel we have a lot to do (debt) as Adult Youth to our community from spiritual rims to things of the flesh (body) as Christian as referred to Apostle Mathew 28:19.
- William Sungura, UYC, Tanzania
When I found out that I would be participating in the 2022 Unity Youth Heritage Tour, I was looking forward to seeing a new place and learning more about the Moravian Church in Tanzania. What I could not have anticipated were the meaningful relationships that were built between our group of delegates in just a few short weeks. Together, we explored the diverse country of Tanzania, shared about the joys and concerns of our home Provinces, and learned about the past, present, and future of the Moravian Unity. I am grateful to have been given this unique opportunity and to have experienced it with many future (and current!) leaders of the worldwide Moravian Church.
 - Sylvie, Board of World Mission
Some feedback that we got from the delegates in the survey following the Heritage Tour:

I loved that it combined the opportunity to see so much of a specific area of the church along with learning about the Unity as a whole and learning about the other delegates’ provinces. I think it was a really comprehensive way to gain an understanding of our church structure for those who were unfamiliar with the work of the Unity. I also thought the age group was perfect for this trip and we were lucky to have a group that bonded really well.
Before coming on this tour, I had no idea of how amazing it would turn out to be and I wasn't aware of how big our unity is. So I'm grateful to God that I got to experience that. That He placed a comittee with people who have a big heart for His work and that He called each and everyone of us there to be together and get to know and care for each other. He made me see what I didn't see before. I am praying that great future leaders will come out of this group according to His will.
I liked all the places we visited. The delegates that attended. Our visits to Ussoke and Kipili. Conversations with delegates and on the bus. The leaders of our tour were truly leaders and I appreciate their unity and varied skills they displayed on the tour. God was with us! To God be the glory!
Last but not least, we would like to invite you to our Zoom call. We have been organizing these Unity Youth Leader Zoom calls where we share what we do, our struggles and our successes. This time, we will share the experience of the Unity Youth Heritage Tour in Tanzania. So, this call is open to anyone curious about it. You do not have to feel like a Youth Leader; come and be part of it, listen, and ask questions. If you know anyone who would like to be there, share this invitation with them.
We are looking forward to seeing you there! :)
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Jiřina Kaletová
Unity Youth Desk Coordinator
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